Our Fees

Our Fees

We recognise the need to be clear and upfront about legal fees

At Powe & White Family Lawyers, we understand that the thought of legal fees coupled with a legal problem can be challenging.

From the outset of each case, our lawyers undertake a process to ensure that all clients are given an estimate of the likely fees that will be charged in their matter. At regular intervals or stages in each matter, our lawyers will account to clients for the fees charged in their matter.

We understand that the payment of legal fees can be a significant financial burden, particularly at the time of a separation.  Our lawyers will discuss the ways in which legal fees can be paid, which can include making regular payments into our trust account or having the fees deducted from the proceeds of any property settlement.

It is important to know that each case is different and therefore the total amount of fees charged from one case to the next can also be different. During the course of the initial consultation phase, we will provide you with a fee estimate which is tailored to your matter. 

We recommend that you contact us and make an appointment to speak with one of our lawyers to discuss your matter.

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