Private Agreements

Private Agreements

Our lawyers are highly trained in communicating

At Powe & White Family Lawyers we understand the emotional and financial stress that a separation can have on clients.

Our lawyers believe in trying to resolve matters as quickly and reasonably as possible so as to minimise both the emotional and financial toll that some cases can have on clients. We are highly trained in communicating effectively to ensure that we maximise the prospect of resolving your matter privately.  

In some cases, parties may have already reached an agreement and our lawyers will simply draft the agreement into a legally binding document.  In other cases, our lawyers will undertake the process of negotiation with the other party or their lawyer through an exchange of correspondence.   

Alternatively, our lawyers will consider other process to assist your case in resolving privately, which may include a process called mediation. Mediation can occur in a formal or informal sense, with the main objective to bring parties together to canvass issues, discuss proposals and formulate a resolution. 

To discuss your matter in more detail, please contact us to make an appointment. 

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